You may not even need to leave the house to make these luxurious body scrubs.  With just 3 ingredients and 3 minutes to make you can spend more time pampering and have some spare change in your pocket!

Care for Your Skin

Consider your skin to be like a unique fabric, as with a delicate silk garment if you want it to last any length of time and remain in good nick you should pay attention to the care instructions.  Fire it in the washing machine on a hot wash with heavy-duty detergent and it may be the last time you get to wear it.  You can’t replace your skin so taking care of it is a start.  Luckily it has the most amazing capacity to repair itself and with some extra help from Nature that process can be greatly enhanced.

Body Scrubs

An essential oil salt scrub is an excellent way to exfoliate, energise and help to detoxify your skin.  It’s so easy and affordable to make and free from any nasty or undesirable additives leaving your skin thoroughly moisturised.

6 Tablespoons Epsom Salt

6 Tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil*

30 Drops (total) Essential oils * 

  • Choose from the blends of essential oils (below) or use your own favourites and mix thoroughly with the salt and vegetable oil.

  • Store in a water tight container, this will keep for approximately 6 weeks.

  • Ideally use scrub once or twice a week on dry skin while standing in the shower, work up the legs, arms, shoulders, neck and torso then rinse off.

  • Be mindful that your hands & feet are now oily and take care not to slip.  Do not use shower gel or shampoo.  Pat skin dry and enjoy softy, silky skin.

*30 drops in 60 ml carrier = approximately 1%, half this amount for pregnancy, children, sensitive skin  

The Organic Body Oil in the above picture is unfortunately no longer available due to a world shortage of macadamia which was one of the main ingredients in the blend.


Restore / Rejuvenate Blend

Rose Otto (5%)* or Absolute (7%)* – 25 drops

Frankincense – 10 drops

Sandalwood – 15 drops

Relax / Calm Blend

Lavender – 10 drops

Roman Camomile (16%)* – 25 drops

Imortelle or Carrot Seed – 15 drops

Revitalise / Detox Blend

Geranium – 15 drops

Juniperberry – 10 drops

Grapefruit – 5 drops

The above three blends of essential oils can also be diluted in a carrier oil and used for massage, as a body oil or bath oil.  Use 30 drops of essential oil in 20 ml (2 tablespoons approx) carrier oil will give you a 3% dilution.  For sensitive skin and children use 5 to 10 drops of essential oil in 20 ml carrier to give approx. 0.5%  to 1% dilution.body bath massage oil

Instead of Sweet Almond Oil you could try Avocado, Wheatgerm or Calendula all of which have nourishing skin properties.

veg oils

*Pure & precious oils like Rose and Camomile are often sold in dilutions in order to allow customers access these costly gems at affordable prices eg a 2.5 g bottle of pure Rose retails at around €50.00 whereas a 5ml Rose Otto @ 5% dilution retails at around  €7.95. When using precious oils such as Rose and Camomile that are pre diluted  increase essential oil from 30 drops to 50 drops (total in the above quantities of salt & oil.)

Quick Fix

Choose a Massage / Body oil from Atlantic Aromatics range and add 6 tablespoons of oil to the 6 tablespoons of salt et voila, you’re all set!

Epsom Salt

The main active ingredients in Epsom Salt are Magnesium and Sulphate. Both help to reduce inflammation and relax muscles.  Renowned for its ‘drawing properties’ Epsom salt helps the body to eliminate toxins.  5kg costs about €12.00.  An Epsom salt bath is a great way to absorb magnesium, 3 mugs into the bath and soak, for great tips and further info on the benefits of using Epsom Salt (even on your roses!) see The Epsom Salt Council website ~

Happy Scrubbing!


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