Helpful Handy Hints


SHOWER  – 4-6 drops of citrus oil (Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange) on the floor of the shower (away from the plug hole) makes a very refreshing start to the day.  For an evening shower try Lavender or Camomile.  Any of the oils good for respiratory ailments i.e. Eucalyptus or Thyme could be used in this way after or during a cold, useful where there is excess mucus.

Avoid putting e.oils on plastic surfaces (they can stain and damage) so if that applies to your bath or shower, drop onto metal tap or ceramic tiles.

RADIATOR  – 4-10 drops of oil on a tissue and over the radiator gives an instant aroma in a room, very useful with elderly people or young children (where the flame from a burner could be a concern).  Also very nice if you are away travelling, not all hotel rooms are well aired and this is a quick and easy solution.  Lavender and Camomile are good for bedrooms, whereas Bergamot or other citrus may be a little livelier for other rooms.

MATTRESS  –  We can’t clean mattresses or it is not something generally done.  When changing the bed sheets, 10 – 20 drops (in total) of Lavender and Tea Tree oil will freshen and help deter unwanted inhabitants!

HOOVER  –  Everyone knows how musty and stinky a hoover can become.  Particularly if you have pets.   8-10 drops of either Lemon or Lemongrass (something strong and zesty) onto the filter inside your hoover.  As soon as you turn on the machine you get a fantastic fresh aroma.  Cinnamon oil is also a good odour eater

CAR  –  Keeping a bottle of a stimulating oil in the car can be very useful.  Peppermint for instance is refreshing and good for nausea, a few drops on a tissue and inhaled is a simple and easy method of use.  Alternatively you could sprinkle a few drops on the carpet floor, this is also useful for dispelling unwanted odours.  Ensure you select an oil that you like and avoid sedative oils like Lavender and Camomile, not a good idea while driving!

ROOM FRESHNER  – Make your own personal favourite scent!  An Atomiser (around €2.00) is a very effective room or car freshener. Use oils with fresh and zesty aromas e.g. Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lemon or Bergamot.  Blend the oils in water or in a floral water (5ml essential oil into 100ml of water would be a good strength).  Add 5ml vodka to help disperse the oils.  Shake vigorously before using to disperse the oil (the spray comes from the bottom of the bottle and the oils tend to sit on top!).  To promote restful sleep or to calm over-excited children – Lavender or Camomile.  For a party – Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood or Orange.   For a sick room – antiseptic oils like Tea Tree or Lemon.  For study – Rosemary or Basil

CLOTHES FRESHNER  – Whilst ironing, the atomiser used to ‘mist’ Lavender Water will lightly scent and freshen clothes

DISH CLOTH & FRIDGE – Dish cloths can become a little stinky, 2-3 drops of Lemon oil and then rinse will freshen and disinfect.  Wiping out the fridge with this will help dispel unpleasant odours.  If you have sensitive skin put on the rubber gloves.  You can sensitise your hands with strong essential oils.

LAUNDRY – to lightly scent clothes or bedding add 4 drops of Geranium, Lemon, Lavender or Ylang Ylang oil (avoid darkly coloured oils) to the laundry liquid, powder or tablet (avoid direct contact with plastic of the machine drawer).  Try 4 drops of oil on a lint free cloth and place in the dryer near the end of the cycle

MOP – to freshen up the mop add 4-6 drops of Citronella, Lemongrass, Lemon or May Chang Summer Blend to the water in the mop bucket

DUSTBIN  – to keep odours at bay use 4 drops of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lemon or Lemongrass on the bottom of the bin when changing the bin liner

INSECT REPELLANT  – Using 100ml of water (or Lavender Water) add 5ml of Citronella (alternatively, you can use Lavender, Lemongrass or Eucalyptus if Citronella is not your favourite scent.)  Shake vigorously before use.  Spray around a room or onto clothes before going outdoors.

Not appropriate for Amazonian Rainforests or anywhere there may be a threat of serious disease (having had Malaria of the brain I would’nt be heading to Monsoon climates waving a bottle of Citronella).  It’s not that the oils aren’t effective but they vapourise very fast and frequent  re-application is therefore required.  Will cover more on this again.


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