Why do I find Silver Fish creepy?  Creepy in a seemingly unreasonable way.  Apparently I’m not alone which makes me feel better about this.  Mind you, I’ve decided not to include any pictures of them here!  Instead, say hello to an aromatic giant, cedrus atlantica.


Cedarwood is a natural insect repellent and has been used for centuries as a building material due to these properties.  Many moons ago I volunteered on a straw bale house project in Mayo that had the most beautiful cedarwood shingle roof.


I’m not sure when I spotted the first silver fish at home and I’m puzzled as my house is super dry having  underfloor heating upstairs and down.  They are known to like damp environments, mind you my location in the west of Ireland certainly qualifies there!  Perhaps they came in with old books, apparently they love the binding glue.  Who knows.

I have been using Cedarwood essential oil with great results. Six months ago I tried the following and have not spotted one up until last week prompting me to repeat these steps:

I’ve been a fan of Cedarwood balls for some time.

Coated them in the  pure essential oil:


Then placed them in organza bags to hang in wardrobes etc:


I advise not to allow them (when freshly oiled) in direct contact with any precious fabric.  A few drops on the underside of drawer liner paper is another approach and avoids direct contact with clothing or other contents.  A few drops on the wooden surround of a drawer or wardrobe is also effective.


The other useful method is to place 6-8 drops on a cotton pad, fold it 2 or three times and slide in underneath skirting boards in any room you have seen silver fish.

cedarwood skirting boards.jpg

If unpacking festive decorations from the attic or bringing items in from the shed keep an eye out for these unwanted visitors.  The cedarwood balls are useful to use as a deterrent when storing items or clothing away.  You can find them in some health stores, hardware stores or on line.  Pure and organic essential oil of Atlas Cedarwood available in good health stores.

Further information:

Season’s Greetings All.  Wishing you an aromatic festive time!



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