THE WARMTH OF GINGER……. chilblains, joints and muscles


Ginger is extremely useful when feeling cold or suffering from poor circulation.   The essential oil is often used in blends for joint and muscular pain (or in a compress).  For both purposes it blends well with Black Pepper oil, Sweet Marjoram, Rosemary and Lavender.

Warming Blend

This rubefacient blend may be very beneficial to use with chilblains.  Having spent a childhood in welly boots and on horseback, freezing blocks of ice for feet led to chilblains. While I did get them on my hands they were always worse on my toes.  I successfully rid myself of these pesky and painful visitors by applying a similar blend at least once a day.

FOR ADULTS:  try a 3% dilution: 15 drops (total) of above oils in 10ml / 1 tablespoon of carrier.

FOR CHILDREN / SENSITIVE SKIN: approx 1.5% dilution:  7 drops (total) essential oils in 10ml / 1 tablespoon of carrier.

It did take a few months and  following winters I used the blend as a preventative measure.

The combination of the oils together with the action of massage will improve circulation locally provided applications are regular .


Chilblains can itch ferociously and crack which in turn can be painful and cause local irritation.


Balms usually incorporate beeswax and or shea or cacao butter with other vegetable oils to create a soothing application.  They are more solid and melt upon contact with the skin.

This recipe is what I suggest for cracked skin and may help when the area is very itchy.


BEESWAX     ~ 8 grammes (melt on low heat & remove from heat)


AVOCADO        ~ 20ml

CALENDULA   ~ 20ml

JOJOBA             ~ 10ml

May require further very gentle warming before adding essential oils. To make a ‘thinner’ ointment add more vegetable oil.

BENZOIN      ~ 20 drops


GERMAN CAMOMILE      ~ 20 drops

img_1600_1Pour into suitable containers to set.


Be vigilant with gloves / socks.  I had gloves everywhere at one point, in different coat pockets and bags so I wasn’t caught out.  Proper footwear (not too tight), insoles and  thermal socks can help prevent chilblains from developing.


Placing your frozen feet or hands directly near heat, while tempting it is not recommended and can exacerbate the condition.

Poor circulation can be improved or addressed by a number of different herbal remedies and supplements, seek advise from your local health store to effectively address this.  Poor circulation is often hereditary.  However should you have any concerns be sure to seek medical advice.


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