COUNTING SHEEP? SUFFERING FROM ANXIETY? Discover the power of Lavender ………….

Lavender oil has so many terrific uses we can often lose sight of its tremendous efficacy for specific ailments or situations.

You don’t have to be a health expert to understand the importance of getting a good nights sleep, after all, ‘sleep well’ is often one of the last things we say upon retiring to bed and in the morning it is often the first thing we enquire about.

Poor sleep patterns can cause a plethora of health problems and so many people complain of difficulties sleeping.  The causes are endless and of course worth investigating.  For example myself and my Mum both have the same autoimmune thyroid condition and yet opposite sleep patterns.  She wakens most nights around 3 am and has difficulty getting back to sleep.  (I on the other hand could sleep for Ireland which might sound fantastic but I assure you, it has many downsides).

For years, Mum has used a drop or 2 of organic Lavender oil under her pillow.  When waking in the wee small hours she places another drop under her pillow.  Recently she phoned saying she was out of Lavender oil and without it, was having problems returning to slumber.  Lavender stocks suitably replenished greatly improved her ability to fall back asleep.

Roman Camomile is another oil known to have relaxation properties.  I find it to have the most comforting and pleasing aroma.  Alternating between Lavender and Camomile can be useful.  Roman Camomile is a little pricey (lots of teeny tiny flowers are required to extract small quantities of the oil!) at €17.50 for 2.5 g.  It is also available in a 16% dilution for €7.95 however due to the carrier oil this would stain bed linen.

My suggestion to help ensure a good nights sleep or improve poor sleep patterns is to apply oils to the feet before bed time.  My preferred carrier is Aloe Vera Gel for ease of use (it dry’s very fast and is non greasy so no marking floors, carpets, bed linen etc). This can be a very simple, time efficient and effective treatment.


Aloe Gel

Preparation Time 2 minutes!  Application Time 2 minutes!

Aloe Vera Gel 50ml

Organic Lavender Oil 50 drops


Organic Roman Camomile Oil 50 drops

Mix ingredients thoroughly, store in a jar and keep where you will remember to use it!  Apply a small marble size onto each foot before bed time.  This mix would be a great morning and evening application for anyone suffering with anxiety or stress.

I have spoken before about very annoying ‘Pillow Mists’ and ‘Sweet Dream Sprays’, these are gimmicky over priced products with all kinds of ingredients that you don’t need.



It is worth repeating over and over that all oils are not the same and quality equals efficacy.  A cheap oil, the kind that may be used for its fragrance in toiletries or laundry detergent does not have the same therapeutic properties as a high quality, pure and organic essential oil.

You can buy a litre of Lavender oil from approx.. €80.00 up to €800.00 and call all of it pure Lavender oil!  Know what you are buying.



As mentioned, the cause of poor sleep patterns are worth investigating.  Anxiety is often attributed to insomnia.  One pharmaceutical company is so impressed with the anti-anxiety properties of Lavender they have developed a tablet.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to attend a very enlightening lecture on the background behind this product from an independent aromatherapist, Eliane Zimmermann.   The product Lasea is licensed for sale in Germany and contains 80 mg Lavandula angustifolia

Robert Tisserand does a great job at describing Lasea here



While new scientific findings are terrific and vital sometimes it is the old reliable simple steps which help to address a situation.  Combined efforts (there is never a single magic ingredient) such as the basics, fresh air, healthy food, plenty of rest (you can rest without actually sleeping) go a long way to restoring our wellbeing.  Incorporating essential oils in different ways can be a terrific addition to other efforts when trying to correct a health or wellbeing issue.  Go on, make that sleep gel, apply it to your feet nightly, place a bottle of Lavender beside your bed …………………….. may aromatic sleep  be yours.


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