GROWING PAINS ~ Camomile & Lavender them away……….

Growing Pains Pic

To be honest ‘growing pains’ had not entered my mind in the longest time and certainly not in the same sentence as aromatherapy or massage.  Over the recent October bank holiday weekend I had good friends visiting with their lovely three little ones, all under 6 years.

Their eldest awoke around 10.30pm howling.  I was a little alarmed to see that he was clearly in considerable pain when he was brought downstairs to sit by the fire for a bit.  While the episode was relatively short (some yummy quinoa chocolate cake was extremely helpful!) there was no doubt that his little legs were very sore.

It didn’t occur to me at the time that a bit of massage may have helped.  The light bulb moment arrived the following day and I suggested a massage to his folks.  They and the ‘growing one’ seemed pleased at the offer.  After an active day including stacking logs and lots of beach time, I used Atlantic Aromatics Baby Massage oil blend  (which includes organic Roman Camomile, organic Lavender and organic Calendula oil) at bedtime and gave each leg a 5 minute gentle massage.

His Mum did the same the next evening at bed time and of course sibling number two ‘needed’ one as well.


  • Experts suggest growing pains have nothing to do with growth!
  • One columnist from the Guardian quotes the professor of paediatric rheumatology at Newcastle Hospital in the U.K. ~ “The term has stuck because it is just easier to remember than its medical name, ‘benign idiopathic nocturnal limb pains of childhood”.
  • The cause appears to be the result of healthy exercise & physical activities.
  • Often occurs in families with a history of growing pains.
  • Affects children between the ages of 3-13.
  • Pain is intense and cramp like.
  • Episodes almost always occur at night time.
  • Pain is gone in the morning.


  • Continued episodes night after night.
  • If there is swelling.
  • If there is limping.
  • If there is fever.
  • If the pain is present the next day.

 It is important to rule out any other possible issues or ailments with your child.


  •  A gentle 5 minute massage on each leg before bed time (always massage upwards towards the heart).
  • Combine massage with essential oils, 5 drops of E. oil per 1 tbsp of vegetable oil.
  • Or choose a pre blended massage oil suitable for children eg Atlantic Aromatics Baby Massage oil or Camomile Massage oil. 
  • Roman Camomile and Lavender oil are both suitable for children.
  • Add these essential oils to baths (dilute in milk or veg. oil & add to the bath when you have finished filling the tub, otherwise the oils vapourise prior to bathing).

Sleep is precious to everyone especially in a busy house with young children so addressing ‘growing pains’ may also help to avoid a broken nights sleep and waking the whole house up.


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