Balm 2

Ridiculously over priced products, particularly aromatherapy ones can really get under my skin.  A pillow spray (with who knows what in it) caught my attention a while back, it weighed in at the price of €24.00. Why would you want to spray liquid onto your pillow.   A bottle of pure Certified Organic AOC Lavender costs €8.50, simply put 1-2 drops under your pillow or onto cotton wool and then in the pillowcase.  This would last you approx 6-12 months!

 A ‘Deep Relax Balm’ featured in ‘great travel products’ column a few weeks ago.  It cost €27.00 for 7 (tiny) ml and had me very un-relaxed!  I mean really.  A balm, using the finest ingredients is simple and economical to make.

I have chosen a selection of relaxing organic essential oils that blend well together.  You may choose to add your own favourite oils.  Let me know about your finest combo of essential oils for relaxation.   It goes, almost without saying, use pure, quality essential oils.

Relax Balm E.Oils

There is a bit of reading here, but it will be worth while and the recipe is short and very easy to make.

Ideal for travelling, de-stressing and to help promote restful sleep.  Apply to wrists, nape of neck, pulse points or feet.

Beeswax & Almonds

Beeswax, like everything, is available in a variety of qualities.  I got some from and Irish beekeeper who kindly answered my endless questions.  If you buy it in a bar form, grate it before melting, it takes a while to melt even when grated.  Turn the heat down when adding vegetable oil, be patient as the cold of the oil will temporarily set the wax again.  And use as little heat as is possible when adding essential oils otherwise they will vapourise out of your balm and into the air, not the desired result!

 Lip Balms

This recipe makes approximately 60 grams of balm (roughly 60 ml).  You could half the ingredients and make less or alternatively give some as presents.  You can find all kinds of lovely containers online, I like the 10ml cosmetic tins from  .40 cent each.  Empty Lip Balm twist up containers are also available, they can be tricky to fill though. Do browse around or order with a friend to get a better price.



 TOP TIPS ~ use a pyrex jug (easier for pouring into containers than a pyrex bowl) in a heavy based pot of heated water for melting the beeswax.   You could also use Shea Butter instead of Beeswax or half of each. You can of course use a little coconut oil but it will not set as firmly as Beeswax or Shea Butter and the scent of coconut can interfere with the aroma of the e.oils.  The essential oil quantity is equal to approx. 1.5% dilution.

DO NOT wash your utensils down the sink.  Wipe them off really well with kitchen roll before attempting to wash. You want to work quickly to avoid over heating the products, have everything weighed out and ready to go.   Jewellery scales for small weights are affordable, accurate and handy.


  • Beeswax  ~ 10 grams (melt on low heat & remove from heat)


  • Sweet Almond Oil  ~ 40 grams (approx. 4 Tablespoons)

May require further warming before adding essential oils.

  • Lavender                       ~ 15 drops

  • Roman Camomile       ~ 15 drops

  • Geranium Bourbon    ~ 5 drops

Pour into suitable jars / containers.

Most ingredients available in all good healthfood stores. For further queries contact or post your comments here.

 And remember, laughter is also natures balm………………..

DISCLAIMER every person, their skin and every situation is different. The details supplied here are for information purposes only.  You assume full responsibility for trying out essential oil recipes and applications.  It is suggested if irritation occurs following essential oil applications to discontinue use.  If you are on medication or suffering from a medical condition seek professional advice prior to using essential oils to treat a specific ailment.





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